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It's Over? Whaaaaat???

Hey Bloggers!

It's the last week here at the CBG REU program! How on earth did 10 weeks go by so fast! It's amazing that the time has gone by so fast! I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the great scientists at the CBG, my amazing mentor Kelly, my fantastic college first student Allison, and The National Science Foundation and the Garden itself for making this program possible. It has been such an honor to work here over the summer and I can't wait to continue using all the things I've learned here to further my own scientific goals.

Dry Prairies? I think you meant to say extra crispy!

Hi everyone out there in the Blogosphere!

My name is Jesse Lundgren and I'm so excited to be working as an Intern here the the Botanical Garden over the summer!  I'm a senior finishing my Bachlors in Environmental Science and and Biology and now can't wait for graduate school. It's hard to believe my time here is already almost half over! I'm sad that the time is going so fast but I'm really excited to see how the summer ends up! Im working with a really great scientist and PhD student working at the garden named Kelly Ksiazek.

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