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Summer's end... Over already!

August 20, 2012 - 19:15 -- hjking

Hello to everyone out there! (Or should I say goodbye)

I cannot believe the summer is already over! Feels like my first field day was just yesterday! I had such a great summer working in the prairies of Illinois with our native bees. I learned to really appreciate and understand these little creatures which we all depend on greatly.

The secret life of Illinois's native bees

July 18, 2012 - 21:36 -- hjking

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a student at Stanford University where I study interdisciplinary environmental science. As a native to Chicagoland, it is a real treat to be back in the area working for the Chicago Botanic Garden and viewing the region through a whole new lens! The project I am working on this summer is with Becky Tonietto researching Illinois's native prairie bees and comparing their diversity to measure the effects of restoration.

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